Move it Nation, Inc.


For almost 10 years, Move it Nation,Inc. has provided schools, organizations and individuals with culturally relevant health and wellness resources, activities and programs to empower families to move their bodies, minds and souls.

We specialize in fitness and wellness solutions for populations most affected by overweight and obesity: urban, adolescent youth, specifically, girls. Research has shown

Our Experience

School Programs 

Led by educators, researchers and community leaders in touch with the latest cultural health research, standards, and needs of our urban youth, Move it Nation provides schools with instructor trainings and after-school program curriculum to get your school moving physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Empowering youth to move their



and souls

Professional Development 

Our diversity inclusion workshops promote cultural awareness, cultural appreciation, and are designed to address today's current racial climate in and out of schools. 

We serve a wide range of clientele, including parents, school staff, organizations and students.  

that although obesity affects everyone, certain populations are disproportionately affected more than others.